Economic Education through Numismatics
  • 1930s $2 Fosston, MN Co-OP Creamery Assn Coupon Book-see all pics


    A remembrance of days past, when Milkmen delivered to your door. To facilitate payment, people would prepay the dairy items in  the form of coupon  books, often discounted...

    This booklet has 10 15c coupons, 5 5c coupons, and 25 1c coupons, set 5 to a coupon page, pictured above. In a day and age when milk is $4 a gallon, the 1c coupons must have real value to be the dominant coupon in the booklet. Given the purchasing value of $2, I am pretty sure not many of these booklets survived.

    Fosston is a city in Polk County, Minnesota, United States. It is part of the Grand Forks ND-MN Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 1,527 at the 2010 census.