Economic Education through Numismatics
  • 1933 10c Duluth Unemployed Co-Operative Assocation very scarce


    All currencies on Minnesota are very scarce and rarely come up for sale.

    The Duluth issue is not listed in Mitchell-Shafer..indicative of scarcity. Hewitt K040-F10 lists the  overall  issue as R6 (6-10) composed of .05,.10 and .50 denominations so it is a scarce note on a city that has few issues in a tough state of collectible currency items.

    This individual issue is rated R7(1-5 known).

    The Co-Operative issued fractional scrip that was redeemable only "in exchange for our goods and services". The organization used a barter system for the benefit of the unemployed in Duluth during the Great Depression.