Economic Education through Numismatics
  • 1929S Buffalo 5c ICG-MS61

    $42.00 $35.00

    NGC trends at $55, population 8 in MS61, 842 better...scores a decent 220 (especially for the price) Registry Points (

    PCGS trends at $44, population 3 in 61, 2111 better, Coin World has an MS60 at $38, a 63 at $75, MegaRed 2017 has $40 and $75 in MS63 

    David Hall: The 1929 is not quite as common in circulated grades as the dates in the 1935-1938 era, but it is common nonetheless. It is semi-common in mint state, and somewhat scarce in Gem's scarcer than the issues of the 1930s that is. The strike is usually bold and the luster can be quite frosty and attractive. jfrom PCGS CoinFacts (

    The Buffalo Nickel (Cohen & Druley @1979) has an Unc at $30 in 1979, so price has moved with the times