Economic Education through Numismatics

I have been buying and selling coins, currency and tokens for over 35 years. I have always tried to purchase them with the idea that some day they will need to be sold and that if you can keep that in mind things work out just fine.

I try to be in as many of the 5 markets as I can with each item or group of items... there is an antique market, a souvenir market, a collectibles market, a bullion market and, last but most important, whether you personally like and find interest and value in the piece. If you like it, you will hold on during down markets, which occur for everything from time to time.

The other major activity I am trying to accomplish with my website is provide some educational contents and offering. The citizens of our beloved country need to realize that we must become citizens of the world and have a better understanding of other nation's history, geography and culture..which the wonderful hobby of numismatics can help provide. I will have auctions and specials that will include quizzes to serve that very purpose.

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I do my best to grade and describe items accurately and, when necessary, provide a little background in the description. I want you to enjoy and value my offerings and have pride of ownership in them. Many of the items I am offering these days were put away in the 1980s. I am amazed at the appreciation in many of them...items that were very inexpensive and are still very reasonable have moved extraordinary percentages.. coins that were ten cent coins are now $1.25-$1.50 for example. Some were $4 and are now $25. The key is that even though they are cheap, they are interesting, or of superior condition. This creates some opportunities to make small investments yield really nice results in the future while providing all the benefits of the numismatic hobby.

Still married to my high school sweetheart, 3 sons, 5 grandchildren.